The Opposite Direction 

But Jonah got up and went in the opposite direction. (‭Jonah‬ ‭1‬:‭3‬ NLT)

In the still hours of the morning, my alarm clock sounded.  I quickly rolled over and smacked the snooze button. Ten minutes later the nagging beep beep beep, sounded again. Once again, I rolled over and hit the snooze button. This continued for 30 minutes before I was forced to get up at 4:30am.

I quickly took a shower.  While I lathered and rinsed, I reminded myself to pack my extra bra, a clean washcloth and my shower cap. I kept repeating this in my head to make sure I remembered.  I got dressed and successfully remembered to pack those last three items.

By now it was 5am.  I had to hurry if I were going to make my flight. I quickly woke my daughter to take me to the airport. As I went down the stairs I took inventory of the essential items and I was confident that I had not forgot anything.

My daughter zipped down the highway as I left specific instructions, “No babies, no boys, no women (just in case), no drugs, no sex, and no alcohol.” She kept her eyes fixed on the traffic as if I had not said a word. Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the airport. I kissed her cheek and unloaded my bags.

I was so excited about the adventure that awaited me. After five long years, I was finally taking a much needed vacation. It was not that I did not have the time but my finances over the last five years prevented me from going anywhere outside of a quick two to three hour drive. Although it was just a little over two days, I planned to relax and release all my day to day stress.

To my surprise the airport was busy, I stood and awaited a machine to check-in. While waiting, I fumbled through my phone for my E-ticket. I thought that I should have better prepared for this on Thursday night, but I found it. I entered the reservation code and was told my reservation was not found. No worries, a customer service gentleman pointed me to wait in another line.

After I awaited my turn, the representative asked for my name and identification. I complied with her request. She asked to see my E-ticket. I handed her my phone and put my identification in my purse for easy access at my next checkpoint.

The customer service agent looked puzzled as she asked, “Was your reservation for today?”

With confidence, I responded, “Yes.”

I picked up my phone from the counter and read, Thursday, August 20, 2015.  Tears welled up in my eyes.

How did I miss that detail!? The agent called someone to see if I could pay the difference and get on the flight.  Much to my surprise the difference was over $700!

How did I do that? I looked at the ticket earlier in the week and did not notice my departure was scheduled for Thursday instead of Friday.

More importantly, what about Megafest? I was sooooo looking forward to a move of God, I was expecting a prophetic Word to help me cope with this dry place.  I had planned my itinerary for the next two days and looked forward to receiving a Word from Sheryl Brady, Joyce Meyer and Christine Cane…not to mention Girl Talk and Bishop Jakes!

I wanted to cry, to beg, to find another way but I searched Google in pursuit of an alternative and came up empty.

In my grief, I called my daughter to pick me up and texted my friend in Dallas to tell her.  While I waited for my ride home, I went to the airport’s Starbucks.

I came home and took a nap. When I awoke, I realized I was not in Dallas but once again confined to my small claustrophobic bedroom. How did this happen?

After praying and complaining most of the day, I saw a post on Twitter to tune into to view Girl Talk streaming live. Thank God for technology!  I missed my flight, but at least they were streaming segments live.

Throughout the day I prayed that God would reveal to me why He did not allow me to go. Was my motive impure? Was my heart not right? Or did He just not want me to go? I know Romans 8:28, but my question was why?

That’s when God gave me Jonah 1:3. While I am not a Biblical scholar, I know Jonah disobeyed God and went in the opposite direction of what God instructed him. Much like Jonah, I was going in the opposite direction of God. Yes, I wanted to go to Megafest but is this the right time to spend $500 or $600. Joyce Meyer herself teaches that “credit card debt is spending tomorrow’s prosperity.” It’s not that God told me to go somewhere else but that He didn’t tell me I could go to Megafest, I chose to evoke my will over His.

I kept praying for God to meet me at the altar.  I truly believed my breakthrough was at the altar of Megafest. I held on and counted down the days until Megafest.  Since I missed my flight does that mean I missed my breakthrough?

Absolutely not. An altar is a place where sacrifice and worship are offered. I did not have to fly 500 or 600 miles for God to meet me at the altar, He can meet me anywhere.  I am still expecting my breakthrough and not tomorrow, not next week or month but NOW, right here in Indianapolis, in the name of Jesus!


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