Flares: Like Them or Love Them

They're Back!
They’re Back!

Recently I purged my closet and donated or sold all my leather and suede. Much to my surprise leather pants did a complete fashion circle last fall. From that experience, I learned to push my outdated trendy clothing to the back of my closet, but never give it away.

Flare jeans are a prime example. I never was really a fan because I am a curvy girl, but I did wear a few pairs. I can recall rocking a pair of cute Ralph Lauren patchwork flares with boots. Fortunately, I kept those.  They would be super cute with a white button down or blazer; however, they are a size 10. I wear a size 14.  On a good day I might be able to pull off a size 12…but a size 10…that’s not happening? Should I keep hoping that one day I will fit them again?  Yeah, maybe I should donate them. 

Flares have come and gone at least three times in my lifetime. While I am glad to see skinny jeans decelerating, flares are not much more flattering for a woman with a few curves. I guess they are also an alternative to boyfriend jeans, the look which I totally LOVE.

In short, fashion repeats itself so what is here today will come full circle in 5-10 years. Personally, I will forgo this trend this time around; however, for women with long lean legs go for it!


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