If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

As a shopaholic, I pride myself on being a savvy shopper and my ability to stretch my dollars without jeopardizing quality.

Such is the case when I purchased Steve Madden’s Immence Black Suede shoe for $35.99 with coupon. Because the shoes were on clearance the sale was final sale – no returns or exchanges. I was not concerned as I had purchased numerous shoes from Steve Madden without any issues.

Any online shopper can attest to the waiting period for a purchase to arrive. I check my front porch the next day, just in case my purchase arrives sooner. Routinely, everyday thereafter, I behave like a child on Christmas morning awaiting Santa.

A few days later they arrived.  I anxiously opened the box. They were super cute or as I called them Show Stoppers. I was so excited that I tried them on right there at my front door…or did I?

I could not get my foot in the shoe! Admittedly, I have wide feet and ankles but this had never been a problem previously! Fortunately, it was just $35.99 but they were cute, I didn’t want to sell them or give them away. I wanted to wear them!

In today’s modern age of Google, I sought a solution to my dilemma. As always Google supplied multiple remedies. I elected the least expensive route.

Per the instructions, I filled Ziploc freezer bags half way full with water, placed them inside my shoes, and placed them inside my freezer overnite.

In the midst of my experiment, my friend came over and noticed my shoes in my freezer. He inquired, “Why do you have shoes in your freezer?”

I explained my experiment to him and he laughed with skepticism.

The next day I removed the shoes from my freezer and placed them in my kitchen sink to thaw. Once the bags thawed partially, I carefully removed them ensuring not to get the suede wet. I sat the shoes aside.

A few days later I tried them on. Although I was able to get my foot further in the shoes, I still could not fit them.  I decided to repeat the process again.

My second attempt was a success! I wore the shoes most of the day to further stretch them out. Additionally, I applied another trick I’ve learned and wore the shoes on the opposite foot. Voila’, they fit!

So ladies while I don’t recommend knowingly buying a shoe that is too small, if the shoe doesn’t fit, you can still wear them!

Immence by Steve Madden


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