Say It Like You Mean It

While it’s not Fashion Friday, I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite models, Chardé, so I decided to make an exception. ModelYes, she is my daughter but asking her to do a quick shoot is like asking her to do the dishes or clean her room! But that’s another blog topic, back to the subject at hand – I am loving graphic tees currently!

They are cute & casual. They can be worn with jeans as seen on Chardé or with a pencil skirt for a night out or worn even at the gym. SILYMI The messages vary from one store to the next. I really like Forever 21’s Mood Tee because the lettering is stiched, which when you are bawling on a budget means you get your money’s worth. Additionally, it is a cute fashion statement and popular hashtag.

Here is another one I found during a recent impulse shopping trip to the mall. (I can’t help it – somebody pray for me!) 

Chardé is also rocking a pair of cute booties. SILYMI Booties are a staple that every woman must invest in at least one pair for the season. While I am on the topic of investing, bawling on a budget is about affordability without sacrificing quality. That means do not buy man made or faux boots. You can find a nice pair of authentic leather or suede boots for an affordable price. Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Yes, I am passionate about this topic, but cheap shoes are one of my pet peeves. Remember the old cliche when investing in booties, “you get what you pay for”. Let the fashionistas say, “Amen!”

Seriously, here are some options to make your search easier.


 Vinata #iLove

Venni #Cute

Just for fun Venni2 #Leopard


Her varsity jacket is no longer available but here are some cute substitutes. Additionally, a cropped blazer will also work.

So a graphic tee with a cute bootie will let you fashionably SILYMI (say it like you mean it!), what do you think? Share your thoughts below.


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