Transformation Tuesday: The Queen’s Quarters

While winter stalks the Midwest like an ex that refuses to let go, I impulsively decided to give my master bedroom, the queen’s quarters, a spring makeover.

This project started as the result of receiving a gift from one of my former training classes. To demonstrate their gratitude, they sent me gift cards to two of my favs – TJ Maxx and Starbucks!  I am not sure how they knew (lol) but this was the perfect gift!

PhotoGrid_1433683520770 Before

It all began Saturday evening.  After indulging in dinner and cocktails at Bonefish, with my cousin, I invited her to accompany me to TJ Maxx.  Two hours later, we both departed with new comforters. Neither of us had any idea how long we had been browsing the aisles until they announced the store would be closing soon.  We both bravely elected to partake in the new trend and purchased white comforter sets.

Initially, I was concerned the white comforter would be bland and tried to incorporate some color.  Sunday after church, I searched for the perfect pillows to give a pop of color.  Fortunately, Target is currently having a sell on throw pillows.

I purchased a white pillow with a butterfly print.  The shades of blue and a dash of yellow caught my eye.  Plus I thought ‘the butterfly symbolizes transition’ which is definitely relative to the season I am currently experiencing.  However, when I put the pillow on my bed it was not the look I wanted – so back to Target I went.

This time I purchased a set of grey pillows with white dots.  I also purchased a white fury pillow.  IMG_20160405_010538Once I got started, I was enveloped in the creative process of redecorating.

Of course I had to visit the neighboring Marshalls and Homegoods as well.  There I found two pictures that provided a hint of gold and shades of grey.

I also saw two mirrored tables that I envisioned working perfectly as nightstands. 20160406_144858 I convinced myself not to buy them but found myself purchasing them the next day and I am glad I did – they are perfect!

Now I need a few accessories, a grey rug, and two lamps.  Those will come with time, in the meantime, I love how everything is coming together and I just had to share!

Ladies, we spend a substantial amount of time in our bedrooms, now is the perfect time to spruce them up and within a modest budget.  The mirrors I purchased (above my bed) were only $9.99 for three at Marshalls.  PhotoGrid_1459830797006You can also rearrange accessories.  I relocated the mirrors that were in my bedroom into the hall and relocated another to my family room.

Once I finish the Queen’s Quarters my next project is my family room, kitchen and dining room.  What are some of your spring projects?

Of course I will post updates as I finish this project, so if you are not already following me on Instagram be sure to do so now @artsistah.

Eventually at some point Spring will resume but in the meantime I will be nice and warm indoors transforming the Queen’s Quarters.



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