Trust Without Borders – Remix

Last spring one of the most inspirational women I follow on Instagram (@houseofbelonging) shared a sign she created that read, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.”

I am not sure where I first became acquainted with this worship hymn but my spirit instaneously longed to hear that song. I found Hillsong’s recording on YouTube and from that day the song became my mantra.

I rode miles on my bike with the wind in my face and praying those lyrics. Sometimes I even cried as I rode. That time in my life was full of uncertainty but I kept praying. I kept singing. Yes, of course, I kept crying.

Today, I still listen to that song. I still sing and although my life is not remotely in that state, I sometimes cry.

 Sometimes it is hard to trust God, when you can’t trace Him.

But God keeps offering me a Word of encouragement right when I need it. It’s by no coincidence I decided to go pick up my dry cleaning on Thursday prior to going to workout. However, after picking up my clothing, I lost the motivation to go to the gym so I decided to just go home.

I sat in rush hour traffic anxiously awaiting the opportunity to recluse back into my home.  On a side note, working from home spoils your ability to appreciate the average person’s daily commute.

Anyway, as I awaited, the host of a Christian radio show read an email from a listener.  Apparently her husband left with no explanation.

There I sat at the stoplight as the host spoke to my situation.  He said, “Anything that is meant for you, can’t leave you.”  I don’t know if that ministered to the author of the email, but it did to me!

As I reflect I can see God in the midst of my current situation.  I prayed for months for Him to increase my trust, to enlarge my territory but then allowed uncertainty to hijack those prayers. The opportunity that I dreamt of, the journey I prayed for for 223 days of 2015, I entertained abandoning for doubt and anxiety.

The same God that kept me in 2015 is the same God that will enable to walk on water today, to do the impossible…if I just trust Him.

“Anything that is meant for you, can’t leave you!”

This doesn’t only apply for relationships but careers or anything else you are believing God for. If it is meant to be it will be.

What are you believing God to do and it looks impossible?

So yes God, my trust in you is without borders. You made a promise to me and I trust You!  I relinquish my will, my attempt to control, and all the self inflicted doubt and pain to You, You are God. I refocus totally on my faith, my fitness, my family and my career – fulfilling the purpose You designed for me – to encourage, to equip and enable people.

This is not my traditional post but hopefully it will inspire at least one person, if only me.

This is the song that I referenced, one of my faves.

 Oceans by Hillsong United

As I said, I listen to it repeatedly and allow the words to permeate. May you find the same hope and motivation that I have to trust God without borders.

God bless,





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