Trust Without Borders Continues

Ironically, exactly 3 months to the day my daughter and I loaded up a Penske truck with as much as we could fit inside and drove 990 miles to a new start, a fresh start in Tampa.

But before I get into the details, let me rewind.

This time last year I received an email from Ameritraining. They indicated they had a 6 month contract position as a trainer. Of course I was interested, not only because developing others is my passion, but I had been unemployed since April and my unemployment had ran out.

However, that position ended up being filled…but God always has a ram in the bush!

They had another position starting in December! Won’t He do it!

I received a questionnaire and then awaited confirmation, no interview just questions about my previous experience.

While I waited one of my friends told me,”things usually slow down during the holidays.” My response was “Thankfully, I am not relying on man but God…He is Thanksgiving…He is Christmas!”

Shortly after, on December 6th, I began my train the trainer classes. The next three weeks were spent in a crowded training class in Fort Wayne, Indiana. God made a way that the company provided a rental, hotel and food allowance while I trained!

From there I flew from the Midwest to the west coast to the Midwest to the south. Along the way I met some amazing people but I also met some people that truly put my faith to test.

Anyway, my last post entails how that 6 month position became a permanent job offer with benefits in Tampa, FL! You can’t tell me what God won’t do!

Earlier this week the company announced a staff reduction with little to no details. Today I learned some of my fellow co-workers were impacted. Of course, fear and anxiety tookover.

Thoughts like: ‘I just drove 990 miles and uprooted my life to a place where I don’t know anyone. I just purchased a new car and signed a lease for a beautiful home. I just left my son. My mother. My church. My hair stylist. My trainer. I still have stuff I need to move!’

I rode 6 miles this evening with Oceans blasting in my ear. I came home took a shower and felt compelled to write this blog.

I don’t know what the future at this company may hold, I can speculate, I can try to conclude every reason I should not be impacted, but at the end of the day I put my trust in God!

The same God that opened the door for me in 2015.

The same God that kept me throughout 2015.

The same God that later opened the door for me to be offered a permanent position while the majority of the other trainers were not.

The same God that allowed me to break my lease on my condo a year in advance with only a $500 penalty.

The same God when the landlord said he wouldn’t accept anything below a 600 credit score and I checked weeks before and mine was a 580 but when the landlord pulled my credit it was a 620.

The same God that told me He was going to give me a black 2013 SRX under factory warranty for $25000 for $0 down. Who told me not to accept a “grey that looks black” or a 2016 lease or a $4000 down payment but provided every detail that He said.

The same God that the company told me they would not offer relocation assistance but then agreed to give me $5000.

The same God that made a way over and over again, is the same God I serve today!

I do not like the uncertainty of not knowing but I put my faith in You, knowing you didn’t bring me 990 miles to leave me.

My trust is without borders, without limits or boundaries. My faith is not in a company, my faith is in You. Come what may, you said You would never leave me nor forsake me! You said it’s all for my good.

In closing, Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I put my faith in You.

I hope this post is a blessing to at least one person, sometimes we just have to remember what God has already done and trust Him without borders.

Be encouraged.



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