Trust Without Borders: Election 2016

I said I wasn’t posting on social media or watching the news but I can’t help myself.

Today was the strangest atmosphere. It was eerily quiet in downtown. Whereas it has been sunny and beautiful, today it was dark and grey all day.

I felt an insatiable urge to draw near to God, to pray. I even fought back the urge to cry. Not tears of fear but grief mixed with disbelief.

I encountered 1 out of 8 people today that voted for the president elect, it just makes me wonder…hmmmm.

By no means am I a conspiracy theorist; however, this just does not sit well with me.

Not because I don’t support him, because I don’t.  It just makes no sense.

How could this realistically happen? (That is a rhetorical question so please don’t comment)

Believe it or not, with its imperfections, we live in the greatest Country on earth.

Say what you will about this great Nation, but racism, hatred those are not characteristics of THE MAJORITY.  If they were President Barack Obama would not have been successful.

I remember the grassroot efforts of Election 2008, working along side “the blacks”, caucasians, hispanics, young, old, all of us different but with one common goal: to promote change and restore hope among Americans.

How do we transform from that to this in 8 short years? (Another rhetorical question)

I know some of you maybe supporters and although I do not remotely understand why, I just hope and pray you are right.

Who knows… maybe none of us will have to pay taxes!? 🏌🏽‍♀️

There is a bigger picture here and I am glad to see the protests. I am glad to see the posts, it shows we care and will not standby idly for the next 4 years.

As I have said numerous times today, the Country survived Reagan, we survived Nixon, we survived the father and son duo – George Bush…we survived slavery, Jim Crow laws, the assasination of Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, depressions, recessions…we will survive this too.

Always, always put and keep your faith in God.


#HeavenHelpUs #MyTwoCents for my daddy #DCW #CantSleep


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