Trust Without Borders Continues: It is Necessary


About a month ago I came across Fantasia’s Facebook Live posting, Necessary.  At the time I was going through some tests and that song reminded me, “All things work together for the good,” Romans 8:28.

It is ALL necessary. Whatever you’re going through. Whatever you’ve been through. It’s necessary. That makes me cry tears of joy.

I can recall when I worked at Gannett. I loathed that job. My role was to make hundreds of calls to businesses that had once did advertising with various newspapers, telemarketing.

The only reason I accepted the position was in hopes of managing a team. In the interview the VP told me, I could be in a management position within 3 months.

So although the position wasn’t ideal based on my experience, I convinced myself I could tolerate 90 days plus I needed the income. It was necessary.

Three months became two YEARS!

I was miserable but I kept pressing. Finally, I received another position!

I was so excited to resign but after an extensive background and CREDIT check the company rescinded the offer. I was in the midst of a Chapter 13 at the time which presumably indicates my work ethic. Necessary.

Shortly thereafter my telemarketing job decided to write me up for inability to meet my call objectives, I think I had to roughly make 60 calls per day. They were focused on transactions and not developing relationships. Necessary.

From there the company put me in a new market but assured me there was more opportunity in this market.  One month later, I was terminated. Me?! Yes, it was necessary.

That was May 2014. I had no money saved, in fact my rent check didn’t clear for the previous month and I still owed late fees.  However, during that time God literally provided manna from one day to the next. Necessary.

One day when I had just left an interview my gas hand was almost on empty, I had a few dollars to my name and my cell phone was disconnected. I remember crying on Highway 465 telling God, “I’m tired…I’m not doing anything. I’m not asking anybody or borrowing…YOU send the answer to my door.”

I went home changed clothes and laid on my couch. While I watched tv I heard my doorbell ring. I went to open my door. There was a disconnect notice from the gas company and my friend.

She said, “God laid it on my heart to give you this.” She handed me $20 and a cell phone! She said she argued with God that it was dumb, and questioned what I could do with $20. Necessary.

I am in tears now as I reflect on that. To think He heard me and He answered me exactly how I said it. God! The creator of the universe, He heard me…He not just heard me but He provided. Necessary.

With no other alternative to pay my bills, I turned to the Township Trustee.  After completing my application, I was informed Joe would be with me shortly.

After waiting briefly Joe called my name. As I walked into his office I recognized him. I asked, “Are you a Deacon at Eastern Star Church?” He confirmed that he was. I told him I thought he taught my New Member’s Class some twenty years ago. Necessary.

During that time God continued to give me favor. I stayed in my condo with all utilities operable for 3 months. I ate, in fact I gained weight! Necessary.

Oh and by the way, I got the job from that previously mentioned interview and another telemarketing job. I accepted each offer to keep afloat short term. Necessary.

Finally a door opened for me to work from home, making $60,000 on a 6 month contract as a Program Manager. Necessary.

Even when those 6 months ended in April 2015, I was able to maintain my livelihood. I think I posted previously, I was unemployed 232 days again in 2015 but God kept me. Not only did He keep me, He ushered me back to school to finish my coursework toward my degree. Necessary.

So here I am today, a walking, living, believing testament that it was ALL necessary.

Everything that I went through and even challenges I recently have encountered are all necessary! Knowing that, trusting that, encourages me (and hopefully encorages you) that this too shall pass.

My prayer is that Fantasia’s FB post reminds you too:

Hold on my brother/my sister it’s NECESSARY!


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