Trust Without Borders: Single Mothers

244360_1730310182125_5803227_oHappy Mother’s Day to each and every mother for all you do daily to raise and rear your families!

For the early mornings and the late nights. For cooking. For cleaning. For managing. For counseling. For encouraging. For supporting. For financing. For nursing. For refereeing. For tutoring. For disciplining. For teaching and instructing. For nurturing. For ministering…

One day could never recognize all a mother does, especially unwed or as we are more commonly known single mothers.

I know your struggle and let me encourage you – through faith you can make it!

Today, according to, 4 out of 10 mothers are singlehandedly raising children without the support of the child’s father. Raising children is a challenge with two parents but the challenge is multiplied for unwed mothers.

Fortunately for me, I had the support of my parents. My parents were very active in supporting me in raising my two children. Even when my children became adults, my mother still remained a consistent supportive foundation.

Nevertheless, I know the challenge to ensure your children have the best education, a roof over their head, a nourishing meal, lunch money…oh Lord lunch money!

I know what it is to make too much money to qualify for reduced or free lunch so you write a check by faith!  Not to mention book rental!

Answering me this – why don’t they prorate book rental for suspensions and expulsions? Lbvs

Young mother, I know your struggle and I will not say it was an easy journey but I will say I made it. Even if it was like Paul in Acts 27, on broken pieces.


Through God’s grace for 14.5 years, I maintained the same job.

Yes, I hated it but I knew I had two children that could careless about if I liked my job or not. I used that as my motivation to work my way up in the company. I would still be there today if I had not been laid-off.

Even when I was laid off, I kept a job – some that were beneath my skill set and background, but again I had responsibilities.

I kept a roof over my children’s head and ensured it was within a good school system…my children could not live just anywhere but I made sure it was safe. Before moving, I checked the crime and graduation rate as well as the ISTEP scores.

I put my children’s needs before my wants and sometimes my own needs. My only luxury was maintaining my hair but oftentimes I would sacrifice a hair appointment for their needs.

My children rarely had the latest fad – I can count on one hand how many pairs of Jordan’s I purchased but they were fashionable. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford Coogi or Pelle Pelle my priority was our home – I grew up in a house and I wanted the same (if not better) for my children. Plus if everybody has it, I don’t want it.

Most importantly, I kept my children active in church – every Sunday and most Wednesdays my children went to church. My son played basketball at church. They went to Vacation Bible School and teen ministry…my children stayed at church and I am confident that has had a positive effect on the men and women they are today – the Bible says to train up a child and that is exactly what I did.

One other thing that was very important to me,  although I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I did not party and have different men around my children. I am a mother, the leader of my home and I could not let my children be exposed to that lifestyle. That doesn’t mean I didn’t date or occasionally go out – they just weren’t aware.  They will both attest they didn’t meet anyone I dated until their late teens (and that was only because I thought he was the one – smh, that’s another post).

Anyway, young mother I know what is like to have the school call you time and time again.

To raise children without any support – financial or otherwise from the other parent.

To struggle to get ends to meet or as they say rob Peter to pay Paul.

I’ve been there and my children were not and are not angels 👼🏻.  (Don’t tell anybody I said that lol)

However, God told me along time ago that He would never leave me or forsake me. That promise doesn’t end just because they are adults – He said never! 💃🏽 And that is not exclusive to me and my children – it’s in the Bible (Hebrews 13:5).

He has met every one of our needs just like He said.

So young mother, don’t give up.  Just like I did you can make it.

Be encouraged sis and remember “Children are a gift from the Lord”. (Psalm 127)

Happy Mother’s Day 🌺


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