Trust Without Borders: The Dream

This is my 2nd year attending the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in the Tampa Bay area.

As a girl from the Midwest, I am impressed at the number of people who line the streets in honor of Dr. King, from infants in their strollers to grandmothers with their walkers. The bands. The marchers. All because one man had a vision, a dream. B81E12AD-D9AA-4B20-98ED-9521A5A6C188We all are familiar with Dr. King’s dream for racial equality,  but did you know he was arrested 29 times for charges ranging from civil disobedience to falsified charges?  His home was bombed.

(What was your excuse again?)

He was threatened; yet, he remained non-violent.  He stood on Biblical principles to spread peace, not violence and love, not hate.

His leadership birthed the civil rights movement – which banned employment discrimination, provided voting rights, and fair housing to African Americans.

Despite the opposition, he remained optimistic that his four children would one day live in a nation that would not only judge them by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

Though he was gunned down on April 4, 1968, almost 50 years later, his dream is still alive.

Dr. King’s accomplishments as a minister, civil rights leader and activist illustrate what we can do collectively through sacrifice, peaceful protest and economic impact with the church as a foundation.

I have found new inspiration today and I have been performing an introspective of my dreams.  I challenge you to do the same.

Ask yourself what are your dreams?

What are you doing to fulfill them?

Think about it.  His legacy is still celebrated nearly 50 years later. Every major city in the Country has a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. street.  We celebrate a National holiday in his honor.  There is a memorial in the Nation’s Capital and monuments throughout the Country.  All as a result of his passion to evoke change.7AB0232D-9388-4423-A981-DF9A4615B221

Just like Dr. King we all can pursue our dreams and be change makers.

As always, if I have encouraged one person with this post, I have achieved success.

Dream Big!



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