LoVe in Indiana (or Florida) – Remix


Love: ironically a four letter word. A word with power. A word that many misuse and don’t understand the meaning. A word that can bring you to your most vulnerable state, love.

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, I elected to write my next blog about love, a topic which is foreign to my heart lately. As a result, I have been toiling over where to start then I thought, ‘what better resource to examine love then in the Bible’.

Of course, I turned to the Apostle Paul in One Corinthians…I mean 1st Corinthians 13:4-8. Paul clearly outlines the definition of love to the church of Corinth.

For years I have relied on this passage to define love. I have heard this Scripture, preached on several occasions, recited at numerous weddings, read it in countless greeting cards – it is notarious for defining love.

This kind of love is the love every woman seeks, the kinda love that forgoes all stereotypes and bypasses weight, height, ethnicity, age, or background. The kind of love displayed in John 3:16, the love like Christ loved the church or in Song of Solomon.

A love that is self-sacrificing. That will climb the highest mountain or go to the deepest valley – a love that is unstoppable toward its intended target. A love that will take boat, plane, car or walk to reach its destination regardless of the distance or cost. A love that is unconditional and true, that agape love.

Fellas, in short, every woman wants romance, to have love demonstrated (and not just on February 14th but even more so on February 14th). Whatever you do to affirm your affection – flowers, chocolate, date night, cooking dinner, work out gear, shopping, or other special surprise – treat her like the prize, the queen that she is. (I threw that in for free – thank me later lol).

Anyway, back to my topic, an interesting exercise I saw on TV is to replace the word love in this passage of Scripture with your significant other’s name. Forgive me, I am not sure where I initially saw this to give credit, but fill in the blanks with BAE’s name below.

___ is patient, ___ is kind. ___ does not envy, ___ does not boast, ___ is not proud. ___is not rude,  is not self-seeking, ___is not easily angered, ___ keeps no record of wrongs.  ___ does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. ___ always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ___ never fails. (NIV)

Interesting perspective, huh? Is he or she love?

One of the things I am believing God for is to know an unmistakable love. Yes, I am tired of the counterfeits.

Tonight when I was organizing my thoughts, I was compelled to replace MY name in the blanks and ask myself, ‘are you love’? Could that be why you don’t attract love but counterfeits? Ouch! I am going to have to sidebar that thought to my journal.

Anyway, try the exercise with your personal name or BAE’s and see how it reads. Did you get a revelation or convicted like me when you reflected on yourself?

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. Also, follow me on Instagram @artsistah

💞💞 Happy Valentine’s Day, may you know and be love 💞💞


I inadvertently found myself re-reading this post. I was sleep. I had no intention of reading much less posting… but God.

This is the one thing God didn’t fulfill in 2016.


Looking back it was more than likely me trying to evoke my will for approximately 7 months.

You know how we do ladies – settle for Ishmaels when God promised Isaac. And fellas too, settling for Leah when you are in love with Rachel. Amen?!

However, this transition to Florida has allowed me to be more discerning and to spend some quiet time with Him, renewing my first love…my greatest love.

So I guess my word of encouragement for you (and me) is ✋ STOP. Take a timeout.

Let God be God.

Being single is not a disease and marriage is not a cure.

This is a season.

I have found a couple of ministries on Instagram that have blessed me.

The one I recommend is She talks about “randoms”, dating just to prevent from being alone or as she says to have “a pair thighs in your bed”. She said it not me (cause I prefer a nice solid chest…pray for me – I’m not delivered completely 😂)

Seriously, how many of us can attest to that? You know you don’t like him but yet you tolerate him or worse catch feelings for him and you don’t even like him!

Anyway, before I start naming names 😂, my point was check out her ministry.

I have been able to really take an introspective on me and why I do some of the things I do and have began to seek a renewal of the most important relationship any of us have – a relationship with God.

Well I have rambled enough and I need to go back to sleep 😴. Hopefully this blessed you?

Remember, on this Valentine’s Day 2017 and everyday: God loves you ❤️

Wait for it.


The same is true one year later, wait for it but while you wait work.

Work on you.  I am focused on my faith. my finance. my family. and to get physically fit.

This year I realize I do not have time for the foolishness.  I do not have time to keep going around the same mountain again and again and expecting a different result – isn’t that what Einstein defined as insanity?

Ladies, the funny thing is we know it’s not God but because we want it so bad we think we can change him.

STOP! Stop trying to fix them. (Or is that just me?)

This was me in the past making excuses to my girls – “Yeah, _____ but…”

For example –

Yeah, he serves a different god (be it addicted to gambling, cigarettes, muhammad, alcohol etc.)’ but he… 


This was definitely me ‘Yeah, he is married but they’re separated’

NO!  If he is married and not divorced, he is married!

Time out for “Yeah, _____ but…!

Wait for God, don’t get ahead of him or try to make it happen.

In a previous post I shared how I prayed specifically for a Cadillac SRX at least a 2013, black, no money down, and under $25k with affordable payments.

I had salesmen tell me I was going to have to put something down.  I knew that was not God.

I had salesmen tell me they had exactly what I was looking for but it was grey (it looked black).  I knew that was God.

They tried to get me to lease…I definitely knew that was not God.

I waited – not even 30 days and guess what I am driving.

My point is that if I can trust God and wait for transportation and not settle…why wouldn’t I trust Him with Adam?

So God…tall (at least 6 feet), man of God, dark, handsome…oops I am sorry I will pray later.

Seriously, my sincere desire in my transparency is to help one person, even if it is just me.

We overcome by our testimony…

Happy Valentine’s Day – remember: God loves you, trust Him!

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