You Don’t Have to be Perfect!

I admit I am a perfectionist.

I don’t just say that in job interviews when asked what is my weakness, it’s true.

I notice imperfections that the common eye doesn’t.

If a picture is crooked in the doctor’s office, I notice it and if I am alone – I will adjust it.

So yeah, add to that a small case of OCD.

Even in blogging, I will revise this post at least 10 times before I post it and edit it another 7 times after.

I am the same way with myself.

If I am going somewhere, I put careful consideration into every detail from my hair to my makeup to my outfit.  That excludes work. 😂

Seriously.  I think it is because I am an artist and very detailed oriented.

This obsession is even apparent when I host a get together with my friends.

One year when the Indianapolis Colts were in the playoffs (many, many years ago 😂), I invited my girls just to watch the game.

Before I knew it, I had a smorgasbord of appetizers from the Food Network, cocktails, Colts’ decorations and a new Colts jersey.  Can you say over the top!

It goes further.  In dating, I find myself attempting to be perfect.

I am very peculiar about dating.  He has to be physically, mentally and spiritually attractive. I’ve settled in the past but as I get older, I find I won’t compromise- that in itself is another blog post. #Unsettled


For me though, I try to be perfect for him.  If I know he likes baked goods, I’m in the kitchen baking cakes to perfection.

If I know he likes Arizona Ice Tea, I am at Walgreen’s stocking up when they are on sale and my kids bet not touch them!

I have also found myself being very self conscious and critical of myself.  Almost as if I am not good enough – just keeping it 💯 .


I had an awakening a few weeks ago while I watched the fairytale Royal Wedding.

Like the rest of the world,  I was captivated.

After the wedding, I watched Lifetime’s movie of their story.

This is when I realized – you don’t have to be perfect!

In one scene Meghan talked about how she climbed in her car through the trunk to get in for months.

She also said her father moved to Mexico to avoid paying back taxes – hmmmm 🤔 that’s an option…good food and tequila plus no taxes!?

I’m sorry IRS.

Then there’s her sister and brother’s actions to capture the spotlight.

Not to mention –

Meghan Markel is an American.

She is divorced.  

She is not the stereotypical Duchess….

Yet, Harry loves her.  


This led me to the realization, I am far from perfection and it’s okay, you are too.

Nobody is perfect; yet, in Christ’s love we are perfected in our imperfections.

Whatever your struggle…your background…even while the world focuses on your race or nationality…it is irrelevant to God.

Think about it, HE created you!

The Bible says, we are His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

God doesn’t love us because of who you are, God loves us in spite who we are. (Romans 5:8)

He chose us with all our issues and with all our insecurities, to confound the wise. (I Corinthians 1:27)

As always, if I have encouraged one person with this post, I have achieved success.

God loves you ❤

Be blessed,



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